Images of Shining Lakes Grove

Here is our collection of images of Grove members and events.

Rob Henderson (Senior Druid)
[door sign]
Rob Henderson and Gen Stoyak at Lughnasadh 2002 (no, really!)
Fox (Senior Druid Emeritus)

Beltaine Weekend, April 30th and May 1st, 2010

Photos by Rob Henderson.

It must be Beltaine at Botsford, the trilliums are everywhere!
The new Grove Flame, shortly after being kindled.
Holding the water up to meet the first rays of the sun at the Dawn Rite.
Our May Queen discovers that the ribbons weren't really all that long this year.

Manannan Shrine Visit, July 10th, 2009

Photos by Rodney Cox.

As is our custom, we form a triangle with sticks and place our offerings to the Land Spierits within.
The stone "altar" seen from outside the shrine area.
A good view of the semicircular peninsula that juts out into the lake.
Rob looks out at the water.
Rob offers an apple to Manannan at the alter.
Our offerings, including Gen's flowers.
The frog thinks we haven't noticed it, but we have!
Across the waters.
The sun sets.
Not sure what kind of berries these are, pretty though! (Barbara has let me know that it is probably honeysuckle.)
The murky depths. Or the murky shallows?
We still see you!
No houses on the far side, so this can't be Island Lake, can it?
Gen looks northeast.
Beautiful, ain't it?
We contemplate the magnificence of Manannan and the power of nature.
Rob makes a final offering.
Jude arrives as the rest of us are leaving!
Group shot: Rob, Kestrel, Matt, Jude, Mike, and Gen.
Matt is proud to have found the correct path.
You WILL get lost whene'er you try to find
The Grey One's own peninsula and shrine
Let goofy Matthew start you on your way
By pointing out the "No Trespassing" sign.

(Rob has been reading too much Dan Brown lately.)
For those worried about the legality of our visit, this sign is posted on the other side of the road from where we were. The shrine area is on public land.
The tree stump which we think will help us find the correct path when we return in October. (Actually, it did!)

Brídeog 2006 Trip to Columbus

[Brideog]Dorothy Quirk, Michael Dangler, Rodney Cox, Rob Henderson, and Bríd [Brideog]And another!

Beltaine 2003

(photos courtesy of Charles Howison)
At the Dawn Rite, Seth Blumberg and Jude Howison stand on the small bridge over the source of the Huron River. Before the rite begins, we gather at the Fire Circle at Botsford. We dance the Maypole!
Matt Visnauw jumps the fire! A festive Maypole cake made by Gen Stoyak.

The Wedding of Shellie and Matt Tannehill - September 28th, 2002

Matt and Shellie tie the knot (actually, the Rev. Rob Henderson ties it for them) Shellie, Matt, and Rob pose by the pond

ConVocation, February 21 - 24, 2002

(photos courtesy of Patrick Monagin)

Rob Henderson drums as part of the opening rite Rob Henderson opens the portals at the opening rite The SLG banner hanging on the door of our hospitality suite The merchant table in our hospitality suite (note some of Rob's stuffed animals in the tree)
And more of the decor from our suite Brighn helps set things up in the suite Barb Kawka and Rob Henderson discussing something in the suite
Matt Visnaw showing off

Kami Landy caught by surprise!
The altar for our Bríd rite Rob in his robes for our Bríd rite

Beltaine 2001

(photos courtesy of Ani Grover)

Mickey Meade and Laurel Beyer preparing for the Maypole Dance

Rob Henderson and others dancing the Maypole

Mike Nowak, the King of the May, standing in the center

Elizabeth Foshion dancing the Maypole around Mike Nowak

We also have pictures of the gingerbread houses we made in November 1999.

If you have any images you would like to submit, let us know!