Frequently Asked Questions About An Bruane

Compiled by Rob Henderson. This version is current as of June 9th, 2003.

What is An Bruane?

An Bruane is a group within Shining Lakes Grove which does research and spiritual workings.

From Fox's article in the Spring Equinox 1996 issue of Ripples:

"An Bruane is an Irish Gaelic phrase that is translated as 'The Fireseed'. Its meaning is rooted in our ancestors' tradition of extinguishing all of the fires in the village twice per year, on the eves of Beltaine and Samhain. At dusk on these days the druids of the village would kindle a new fire, creating the first spark using a bow drill as we do today.

"That tiny flame, kindled by skill in the light of the setting sun and coaxed into a roaring blaze, marked the beginning of the new season. Sacred woods were offered to consecrate the fire and it was tended through the night. The fire accepted offerings from the villagers in rites the next day and maintain the contacts between the folk and the surrounding spirits. When the celebrations came to an end each house- holder carried an ember from this sacred fire home where it was protected and sustained as a continuous spiritual presence in the hearths of the home. Eventually that first sacred fire, the source of the fires of the tribe, became known as 'The Fireseed'.

"The selection of the name for this group was very deliberate. My vision is that An Bruane will become the spark of a spiritual revitalization of Druidism that will spread far beyond the boundaries of our sacred land. This spiritual fire will grow and unite with the tribal fires of other people. It will spread around the globe to bring great change as millions turn back to the spirit ways of the earth. As grand and ambitious as that sounds we have already seen strong indications that we are being divinely guided in our workings and that this dream will eventually manifest."

When and where is An Bruane held?

An Bruane now meets only when there is a specific need to be addressed. Meeting times and locations will be announced on the Grove's mailing list.

How do you pronounce "An Bruane" anyway?

It's pronounced: ahn BREW-nuh

What kinds of things do you do at An Bruane?

From the same article by Fox (remember that this was written in 1996):

"A few examples of our workings from the past year are: the annual dawn rite to the Goddess Ana at the source of the Huron River; the consecration and empowerment of the Grove's bow-drill by the God Bel; a visionary exploration of our tribe's sacred tree; the Samhain trance ritual for contact with the ancestors; the work with trance techniques for induction of visions and contact with the God Mannanan; the work done to recover the tale of Ana's creation; the work to contact our tribal patron God Lugh; the rite of sacred marriage of Lugh to the Goddess of our land; and the rite to contact our tribal Hearth Goddess Bríd."

As of this writing (February 2000), we are focusing on collecting the lore of the Grove on audio tape, and transcribing it for our members and our Web readers. We are also providing advice for Grove members who are pursuing the ADF Dedicant Program. And we continue to do spiritual workings for the grove, such as building and consecrating our outdoor shrine for Mannanan, planting the seeds in our wheat patch, and making Bríd crosses and the Bríd dolly for our Brídeog and Imbolc rites.

How do I join An Bruane?

If you're a member of Shining Lakes Grove, then you are welcome to attend any of our meetings. We do ask our members to "officially" join An Bruane through a simple commitment rite, where we each bring a precious stone of our own choosing and place them together in a cauldron. But this is not required for you to attend.

I'm not a member of Shining Lakes Grove, can I still come to An Bruane?

Because of the intense spiritual nature of our work, only SLG members may attend. (This is actually the only Grove event that is closed to non-members.)

I have a question about An Bruane, and it's not on this list!

Send mail to Rob Henderson at, and he'll answer your question, and include both question and answer on future versions of this list. How's that for service?