An Bruane: The Crane Box

by Rob Henderson

On November 30th, Fox, Janet Kniaz, Jim Hoyt, and Rob Henderson gathered together at Fox's apartment for An Bruane, SLG's monthly spiritual exploration group. Fox and Janet had gone to a mysterious unknown site to gather the materials for our night's work: the Crane Box.

According to legend, the Crane Bag was Mannanan's pouch, made from the remains of a crane, in which he kept his treasures. We wanted to make something similar, in which we could put the Grove's sacred objects.

The box itself is a wooden chest, about two feet long and one foot square on the side. Fox used burgundy fabric and brass tacks to upholster the interior of the box. Not only did it make the box look better, but it put some of our own energy into it.

For the contents of the box:

Once everything was ready, we lowered the lights and purified ourselves with incense, water, and ochre (fresh out of the oven!), then Rob, Janet and Jim purified the empty box with incense, water, and ochre, respectively. We took turns placing the objects within the box, then we closed it and tied a cord around it, using nine knots. The cord will not be removed until we need something from within the box, which will next occur at our Yule ritual.

The Crane Box now sits atop Fox's bookshelf, protecting our sacred objects.

An Bruane continues its work. As a member, if you'd like to participate or suggest an activity, contact Fox, Rob or Annette, or come to one of the regularly scheduled An Bruane gatherings and help us continue to build our community. Our next series of meetings will focus on the magical aspects of birds, starting with December's meeting, which will focus on the goose.