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Shining Lakes Grove, ADF

SLG Business Meeting

November 9, 2004

Called to order 7:20pm
Attending: Rob Henderson, Rodney Cox, Jude Howison, and Chuck Howison

Officer Reports

Senior Druid - Rob Henderson
Fire Watch was not well attended but the flame was kept going. Ritual went well with 31 at the afternoon ritual and 30 at the evening Ritual.

Administrator - Jude Howison
Elections are over and all of the officers were elected unanimously. The officers were installed at fire watch, there were no lightening strikes.

Scribe - Jude Howison

Pursewarden - Rod Cox

Chronicler - Gen Stoyak No report

Public Relations - Chuck Howison
I am gathering information on places to advertise.

Youth Activities Coordinator - (none)

Web Master - Rob Henderson
I will try to get us back on the old server.

Guild Leader Reports

Magicians - Rod Cox - We had a good Guild day. We did some stuff.

Healers - Rod Cox

Warriors - Rod Cox

Producers - Gen Stoyak (Pro-tem) -- We need to stir up activity on the e-list.

Other Agenda Items

1. Winter ritual location, what with the closing of 7 Gen.
There was no answer at Arboroads, the UU church wants $125 deposit and $125 rental, the ICC is still an option, Dot says she may be able to get a room at the university.

2. Set date for calender planning.
We can meet at Borders on Nov. 27 or 28.

3. We may get a Grove room at Convocation. We will be doing a Ritual. Rod has 2 sessions of Runic Reiki scheduled.

Jude Howison, Scribe