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SLG Business Minutes, October 2002

In my first official duty as the new Secretary of Shining Lakes Grove, ADF, here are the minutes of this month's business meeting:

Event: Shining Lakes Grove, ADF monthly business meeting
Date: Thursday, 10 October 2002

Minutes taken by: Michael McClennen, Secretary

Attending: Rob Henderson, Rodney Cox, Michael McClennen

1) The meeting started at a few minutes after 7:00 pm. Because only three SLG members showed up to this meeting, we did not actually conduct any business.

2) Rod passed out copies of this month's income and expense report. Synopsis: we have no money and a lot of debt. One bright spot, though, is that ADF national may be finally ready to pay us some of the money they have collected from Gwydion. This should improve our cash-flow quite a bit! Anyone who would like to see a copy of this report should contact Rod.

3) A brief discussion was held about the necessity for changing the date and time of monthly business meetings. Consensus was to continue the discussion online, where more people could comment.

4) That's it! The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm.

Bright blessings!

-- Piper (Michael McClennen)