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Shining Lakes Grove, ADF

SLG Business Meeting

Sepember 14, 2010

Meeting called to order at: 7:30 PM

In attendance: Officers: Rob Henderson, Rod Cox, Gen Stoyak, Valerie Hartzer, and Jude Howison

Calendar : ICC contact person has not gotten back to Rob Henderson about the Yule date.
Dec. 18 is the tentative date
If we canít get the ICC then at Friends center but it is expensive.

Manannan shrine visit in October
Sunday 5:30 PM in Ann Arbor 10/10/10

Officer Reports

Senior Druid
RenFest trip Rob, Richard Simons, Kestral all attended.
Midnight Flame festival: Rob missed the Earth Mother ritual, did a Greek workshop and ritual

Asst. Senior Druid
the main ritual at Summerlands was an Isaac Bonewits memorial ritual that was professionally filmed will be a DVD that will be on sale soon. Afterward there was a wake in the dining hall with free beer. The ritual had heavy all star performance.

Quarterly report is running a little late

Talked to the attorney about a lawyer but he doesn't know any debt collection specialists; still behind on notes

State wants us to renew again and pay for more forms
Rodney wrote a letter letting them know that we had already paid all funds

Dragon con in Atlanta had a dress as a Greek or Roman God event and Gen thinks there should be a pagan presence at the event.
Newletter coming out this weekend and so far only has a recipe.

Public Relations
Paul did not attend (he and Jan were ill) pagan pride was postponed Rob can't make it on the new date so it is cancelled. The park was overbooked so that is why it was cancelled.

Youth Activities Coordinator
nothing occurred at ritual and there was nothing to report

Web Master
desktop is down so not much done

Guild Leader Reports

Warriors: nothing to report

Healers: nothing to report

Bardic Guild: Paul and I looked at Survey- we need more ritual theater, more rehearsal of songs and dances before rituals, should encourage more people to dress in ritual garb

Producers: headbands for deer antlers
felted leaves will hopefully be available for sale

Other Agenda Items

election progress

Yule: still waiting to hear from ICC center so we aren't sure on location

Convocation: Applied for suite waiting to hear for one we will probably get the same one assigned to us again.

Samhain planning: Small low key thing for Issac's passing do something for ancestors as well
Roman Household Religion and Ancestors on Saturday afternoon in between rituals 6 PM; ancestors altar on Saturday

Meeting Adjourned at 8:51 PM