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Shining Lakes Grove, ADF

SLG Business Meeting

August 10, 2004

Called to order 7:30pm
Attending - Rob Henderson, Rodney Cox, Jude Howison, Gen Stoyak

Officer Reports

Senior Druid - Rob Henderson - The Grove seems to be moving in a good direction. Membership is up and more people are moving along on their own and participating. The Lugh fest ritual was well received, there were 32 in attendance (no water fowl participated this year). I was sorry to see that some people left before the games. Also, I and several other officers attended the MI Tribes meeting. I will be helping them to put together a Pagan contacts listing. The list is intended to aid professionals who work with the public and may have need to contact Pagan spiritual leaders on behalf of their clients.

Administrator - Jude Howison - I also went to the MI Tribes meeting. There were some interesting topics discussed. Grove services are continuing as usual. The Dedicant Program study group continues to have interest.

Scribe - Jude Howison - Last months minutes are not up yet but should be soon.

Pursewarden - Rod Cox - I propose publishing a quarterly report in the newsletter and posting to the e-list to keep members informed about the state of the Groves finances. I would also like to suggest “planned donations” perhaps through PayPal.

Chronicler - Gen Stoyak - There was no newsletter this month. Need submissions for the Equinox issue! I will see about self printing to help save money.

Public Relations - (none) - We missed getting into Crazy Wisdoms anouncements, but we don't usuall have much response from that anyway.

Youth Activities Coordinator - (none) - We have had some children in attendance.

Web Master - Rob Henderson - The account was off line for a few hours, but is up and running now.

Guild Leader Reports

Magicians - Rod Cox - Not much happening in the guilds this month.

Healers - Rod Cox

Warriors - Rod Cox

Producers - Gen Stoyak (Pro-tem) -- There is a meeting scheduled at Dot's house on 8-15-04 at 2pm. We will be working on dolls. I have plans to fix up the alter cloths. I also need a place to store the producers sale items and a few other items.

Other Agenda Items

1. Fund raising - Ideas for the Fall months?

Make dolls with a pagan deity theme.

2. Community Service project ideas for this quarter.

Water shed service.
Community service for Samhain, perhaps something for a elder care facility.

3. Election committee? How is the election process coming?

Check about bylaws change: re: incumbents automatically nominated?

4. Future festivals? When - Where - How Big?

It may be a good idea to look for a place where we can have a raffle. Also, a few of the new attendees voiced a concern of participating in a ritual in a very public park. We may consider a slightly less public place.

5. OK, so what'd ya think of the MI Tribes thing? Were we all at the same meeting? It seemed like there were some communication issues.

Jude Howison, Scribe