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SLG Business Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting - August 17, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 by Rod Cox.

Present: Don Clayton, Rodney Cox, Annette Gabriel, Jan Henderson, Rob Henderson, Gen Stoyak, Patrick Monagin, Maria Valayil, Kirn, Mickey and Toad. There was a quorum.

Absent: Basia Kawka.

After a check in, the agenda was reviewed and a report on Lughnasagh was added.

Calendar Review

A number of changes were made to the calendar. Liturgists was moved from November 1 to 3. An Bruane will be held on Nov 2 and 16. The Samhain main rite will be from 6 to 9 PM on November 4. Craft Days are tentatively scheduled for October 9 and 23. The retreat on November 11 was cancelled. Instead there will be a calendar planning meeting from noon to 4 at Annette's with Game Night that evening. The Guild meetings on November 5 and 12 were switched. Guild Day will be held on the 5th and Naturalists and Warriors on the 12th. The Unreal Witches Ball will be held on October 14th inWarren. Samhain Harvest will be held on October 27 and 28. October 24th will be Liturgists.

Officer Annual Reports

Senior Druid

To quote Charles Dickens, "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." Spiritually we seem to be on the right track. At An Bruane we have been recording our lore. An Bruane has become the fireseed we wanted it to be. The community is coming together and sharing.

Administratively we could be doing more. Annette is doing what sh can be we need a full time administrator. One example is the fact the we have been unable to get Ripples out. Rob would like to see more folks getting involved in the organizational items and help make the practical things happen.

As a Grove we have been involved with BBMM in Detroit which was a success.

At Samhain, all of the officers installed were not members of the group which founded the Grove. This passing of the torch shows that we're moving on.

Other highlights: Rob has written a number articles. We had a successful Convocation. The wheat crop was much larger than before: 99 heads. We are working on the Grove year book.


Rod and Annette both agree that we need someone to fill the Administrator position full time and that it should be someone else. Annette plans to take the next year and focus on renewing her spirit. So far only 2 people are running for our open positions. If these offices are not filled we will not have a Grove.

The Guilds have taken some of the administrative pressure off. To fulfill the requirements to be a Grove, we need an Administrator, a Scribe and a Pursewarden.

Rod mentioned that good advances were being made in An Bruane. We are making contact with the dieties.

We don't have enough active members. We don't seem to have a critical mass.


Jan thanked Rod and Maria for taking minutes when she was unable to attend. Meeting minutes have been taken and transcribed and distributed before each meeting.

Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach Coordinator's job includes getting new people. Health issues have been a factor for Gen. She would like to have a marketing meeting with the new Outreach Coordinator. We need to look at why we aren't getting more new members. Why are people getting burned out? We need to make more of an effort to make the new people feel welcome and retain them as members. At the BBQ, we should ask people what they would like from us as a Grove.


Financial reports were submitted. Thanks to an anonymous donation of $300, we will break even on Lughnasagh. Membership renewal letters need to go out. Patrick will try to improve on this next year.

Grove Ecologist and Naturalist Guild

Don gave a combined report. There were a number of outings and field trips including Plant ID, map reading and two workshops at Lughnasagh. There are workshops in creek mapping (Aug 26) and stream roundup (Sept 16) which will be attended by the Guild. Toad and Don plan to attend the National Guild retreat. Next year there will be more focus on learning to work with the Nature Spirits.


No report

Guild Leader Reports


Lughnasagh was very successful. Maria gave several divinations. Workshops were well attended. There were inquiries from others trying to start groups. On Saturday night and Sunday morning Maria received the bulk of requests for counseling and readings.

The Guild needs more full Seers. There is one new apprentice: Jan Henderson.

Overall, it was good year. There continues to be a problem with communication in the Grove as a whole. We need to work at the core things first before we can get the other things right. Maria is optimistic that it will get better and is looking forward to next year.


The Guild spent the year in stasis with not much new happening. Guild members did some healing work for people in the Games. Two members reached Journeymen.


The Guild needs more members. They held a retreat in March that was well attended. Another retreat is planned for Fall or Winter.

Rod taught Karate to Guild and Grove members. Toad and Rod placed in the top 3 at the National competition. Toad won the title of Grove Champion.


The Magicians have done magical working for 1 member. The Guild has contributed a ritual structure. This Guild would like to have more members.


Given above with Grove Ecologist.


The group is not quite one year old and is not a full Guild yet. They need by-laws.

Over the past year the group has done:

Even though the group has not done 'the official stuff' yet its members have done much to contribute overall to the Grove.

New Business

Lughnasagh Report

Don distributed a written report.

Great Lakes Retreat

Will be held October 6-8 at Ian and Sue's.


Ballots will be out soon. The new officers will be installed at Samhain.

Fund Raising

Gen would like to explore having a Grove Halloween Party/Ball to raise money. There would be an admission fee of $10 and the party would be BYOB. It would be open to the public. October 21 was suggested as a tentative date. Gen is looking for a hall in the Ypsi/Ann Arbor area. She will bring a proposal to the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:52.

Respectfully submitted,
Jan Henderson