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SLG Business Meeting

May 10, 2005

Called to Order: 7:50 pm (oooh, that was late)

Attending: Rob Henderson, Rod Cox, Gen Stoyak, Jude Howison, Chuck Howison

Officer Reports

Senior Druid - Rob Henderson
Rob Henderson – Attendance at Beltaine was a little lean, there were 25 at the regular afternoon Ritual and only 3 at the Dawn Rite. Omens were not as good as would be hoped.

Administrator - Jude Howison
Attendance at the Dedicant’s Program study group was also low. The quarterly report in not in yet, we have to wait for Rob’s dues to get to the ADF office.

Scribe - Jude Howison
Still need to get caught up on meeting minutes.

Pursewarden - Rod Cox
This was a very uneventful month.

Chronicler - Gen Stoyak
Well better late than never, the Spring Equinox issue came out at Beltaine.

Public Relations - Chuck Howison
We gained a few new people by talking to folks at Schoolcraft College. I’ll put up something about Dedicant study group and also post for the next Ritual soon.

Youth Activities Coordinator - (none)

Web Master - Rob Henderson
The web site is being continuously updated. I’ll look into upgrading current site to Professional to get rid of the ads.

Guild Leader Reports

Magicians - Rod Cox - Guild day was good. We discussed Run Valdr and its applications to Magic and Healing. No one died. National Guild reports have been submitted.

Healers - Rod Cox

Warriors - Rod Cox

Producers - Gen Stoyak (Pro-tem) -- No report.

Other Agenda Items

1. Lugh Fest, site rental? Who will be in charge of getting workshops?
We can hold a two day event at Botsford. Suggestions include overnight activities such as storytelling and meditaions. Perhaps a night Ritual. We can also arrange to have the Warrior games.

2. Grove wheat: Has anyone volunteered?
Jude can take some.

3. Election Committee: volunteers? Call for nominations?
Craig has expressed interest in helping with the election. Rob will e-mail him to confirm.

4. Summer activities: Did we want to try to set up picnic or mini golf?
Mini golf maybe? No picnic due to Lughfest being such a similar event. We don’t want to overdo any one kind of thing.

Adjourned: 8:30 pm

Jude Howison, Scribe