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SLG Business Meeting Minutes

March 8th, 2001

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 by Don Clayton.

Present: Don Clayton, Rodney Cox, Jan Henderson, Rob Henderson, Gen Stoyak, Patrick Monagin, Fred Wark, Laurel Beyer, Mickey Meade, Elizabeth. There was a quorum.

Absent: Matt Tannehill, Kirn Greymalkin, Maria Valayil,

There was a quorum

Calendar Review

We need to set a date for the wheat planting. March 31st was suggested as a good date. We may need 3 beds this year. Jan asked if the Grove would be willing to purchase materials for and construct the 3rd bed if one is needed. Last year we used 3/4 of one bed. This year we have more seeds to plant.

Officer Reports/Guild Leader Reports

Senior Druid

Ballots for the ADF annual election should be in the mail soon. The vote counting will be done at Wellspring this May. Lughnasagh will be on the ballot for the ADF 2002 annual meeting. Rob also reported that he is running for Great Lakes Regional Director.

Assistant Senior Druid

No report


We are getting our mail again. Patrick has to change our address at the bank.


Minutes were approved as mailed.

Outreach Coordinator

No report


Patrick submitted written financial statements. He brought a prospectus from the Calvert Group. They advertise as a family of socially responsible funds. Patrick recommends that we select the most conservative funds but he plans to abstain when the item is put to a vote. The Group web site is calvert.com.

Mickey brought a statement for the T-Shirt sale and gave money to Patrick.

Grove Ecologist

The Supreme Court upheld the EPAs right to regulate our air.


No report.

Youth Activities Coordinator

Four children attended the Imbolc ritual. This is double the number at Yule. The Imbolc program included a story, an exercise in grounding, singing, drumming and making beeswax candles. Planning is underway for the Spring Equinox program.


Guild Leader Reports


The Guild is making altar cloths which will be donated to the Grove for the Shining Ones and Ancestors altars. The cloths should be ready by Beltaine. Planning is underway for Beltaine.


One new person attended. Rod will be sending an email to get more students for the CPR class.


The Guild began planning to make PVC pipe weapons to use in the Lughnasagh games. If there is enough money, they would like to get some head gear. Rod found some wood at Home Depot which could be used for shields.

The Self Defense class was held the Guild House. There were 3 attendees. The class began with physical self defense and then progressed to energy work.


One new person came. They had heard about us at Convocation.


Don, Laurel, Fred and Toad went on the Bog Walk. A park naturalist showed them some plants and local geology. March 11th is the Creek Festival at Kensington Park. The Guild is helping to staff the registration table. April 7th is the Creek RoundUp. April 8th is Travers Creek Day. April 21st is an Earth CleanUp Day at Kensington.


The Producers sold soap at Convocation. They cleaned up! (bad pun by Rod) At the last craft day they started decorating eggs. On March 18th, the egg decorating will continue.

New Business

Annual Calendar Procedures

Rob mentioned that it took 2 full meetings to decide the calendar. He asked that we try to limit this to one session. He suggested that we do this at a November Calendar Planning meeting and asked that Leadership Council members attend. If we feel that we should plan the calendar at the December business meeting, that's fine. He would like to have one meeting to plan the calendar.

Patrick suggested posting to the list in early October a notification that the calendar planning meeting is coming.

Jan proposed that the planning be done at the December business meeting, that everyone submit a written report at the meeting, that the meeting focus on planning the calendar and that the 8 High Days be set for the year. We should be prepared for the meeting to take up to 3 hours. Once the High Days are set there should be only minimal adjustment to the other activities each month. Setting the dates for the year will give us plenty of time to reserve the appropriate sites and give the membership enough time to plan their schedules.

There was a consensus that a group would meet ahead of time and tentatively put dates on the calendar. (This occurs now before the Calendar Planning Meeting.) The proposed dates for the High Days will be sent out a month ahead of time. If anyone has strong feelings about a particular date, they must attend the December meeting or send some to present their position. ONCE THE DATES FOR THE HIGH DAYS ARE SET, THEY ARE SET.

By Law Change Addition of Grove Ecologist

The position of Grove Ecologist was removed in 1999. The Naturalist Guild would like to have it reinstated. Rob will send a proposed By Law change via email.

Banner Exchange with Crazy Wisdom

There is a $20 one time fee to put our banner on the Crazy Wisdom web site. We will put their banner on our site. Any SluG members who would like to add the SluG banner to their web site should email Rob for the URL.

Outreach Membership Drive

Mickey wondered if we could team up with other groups to get a booth at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Mickey offered to inquire what would be involved for a booth.

Grove Service Projects

We need ideas for service projects. We have done a good deal of work with the Huron River Watershed Council. We would like to continue that work but expand to do some things for the community (people.) Rob asked for a volunteer to serve as coordinator to organize quarterly projects. When no one volunteered, he agreed to post to the list.

Gen suggested that a future project might be clothing drives: a regular drive and a 'dress for success' drive. We could also consider a food drive.

Rob pointed out that this is a very easy job and the coordinator would not be expected to attend business meetings unless, of course, they wanted to do so.


Mickey asked for $50 to purchase corned beef and pop for the party. Mickey made the motion, second by Patrick. Motion passed.

Spring Hunt

Tabled. This will be discussed at the next An Bruane.


Blessed Be and Meet Me/Samhain Harvest

Aldus has resigned and is looking for someone else to run Samhain Harvest.

The meeting adjourned at 8:53 - 7 minutes early!

Respectfully submitted,
Jan Henderson