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Shining Lakes Grove, ADF

SLG Business Meeting

January 14, 2014

Attendance - Rob Henderson, Rod Cox, Noal McDonald, Candy Brockman, Gen Stoyak, Sean Keller, Kris Keller, Liz Cox

Meeting Agenda

Imbolc and Spring Equinox will be at Friends Center for 2 pm. Another group has it reserved till 2 pm.

CedarSong is organizing a Meet and Greet Suite at Convocation for more details contact Amy Castner. There will be SLG attendance.

An Bruane on hold until further notice.

Coffee Hour scheduled for January, etc.

There was a discussion about possibly doing a 3 days of Yule next Yule.

Officer Reports

Senior Druid
HRWC - There is a Stonefly Search in January
Will be resuming duties after release from care.
Yule at ICC was well attended with 15 people.
ADF Nominations will be closing this week.

Assistant Senior Druid
No updates

Bank account is in good shape.

Olga's fundraisers scheduled on coffee nights.

Public Relations
Post cards from Crazy Wisdom taking submissions for their free calendar listings due in March, July and November

Youth Activities Coordinator
No updates

No updates

Yule newsletter was successfully printed and distributed.
Is not taking submissions for the Spring Equinox newsletter

Guild Leader Reports

Magician Guild - Rod Cox
No updates

Healers Guild - Rod Cox
No updates

Warriors Guild - Rod Cox
Submitted 2nd and 3rd Circle Study programs - voting in progress

Bardic Guild - Val and Paul Hartzer
No updates
It has been tabled for the time being.

Producers Guild - Gen Stoyak
The emmer wheat seeds are in care of Rodney.
The barley seeds are in care of Gen.