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SLG Business Meeting

January 10, 2004

Called to order at 7:30 pm
Attending - Rob Henderson, Jude Howison, Rodney Cox and Gen Stoyak

Officer Reports

Senior Druid - Rob Henderson - The Yule Ritual went well and was well attended ( 16 people ). The ADF Dedicant Program has now been approved and is accepting students. ADF Clergy Council is almost done with the first circle of the Clergy Study Program. Brideog plans are well underway. The Dedicant Study group is going well and is well attended.

Administrator - Jude Howison - The community service project for Yule went well, we collected many items for the local Humane Society. Raffle income was able to cover our Ritual costs ( Yeah ! )

Scribe - Jude Howison - December minutes are in..

Pursewarden - Rod Cox - Income exceeded expences ( Yeah ! )

Chronicler - Gen Stoyak - Yule newsletter was out on time.

Public Relations - (none) - Rob reports that we missed the deadline for ads in "Current".

Youth Activities Coordinator - (none)

Web Master - Rob Henderson - Order of Service is up. We are at 443 pages, up to 500 are free.

Guild Leader Reports

Magicians - Rod Cox - Attendence was down.

Healers - Rod Cox - Good attendence for Runic Reiki especially considering the weather.

Warriors - Rod Cox - Watched "Firefly" video.

Producers - Gen Stoyak (Pro-tem) -- A meeting is scheduled for Jan. 18 to make products to sell at Convocation. Discussed room decor for Convocation.

Other Agenda Items

1. Applying for full Charter. -- Our application for full charter has been sent ( 12-31-03 ) .

2. Fund raising - Cont. discussion as to where we are on these projects. Paypal, website sales, Producers Guild, Car Blessing.......
Our PayPal account is now active. Software for website sales is too expensive for right now.

3. Convocation room - Decorations, merchant table, budget for
* A merchant table for the Convocation room will cost $40 plus $60 ( registration for 1 person ).
* Rodney reports that the Producer's Guild has $109 to use for room decor.
* Discussed refreshments
* Discussed Producer's Guild products to sell
* Harry Potter movies and CD's for background at the room party
* Harry Potter folklore discussion as a room activity
* ADF Dedicant Program discussion as a room activity
* Discussed using business cards as invitations to the room party

4. Brideog Preperations -- We need to make the Brid dolly and Brig crosses at Liturgists roundtable.
Baskets are needed for donations to Food Gatherers.
Rob will plot the course for the night.

5. By laws change: Change name of Outreach Co-ordinator to Public Relations Co ordinator. -- Will publish announcement in the next newsletter.

Adjourned at 9:30 pm

Jude Howison, Scribe