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SLG Business Minutes, January 2003

Event: Shining Lakes Grove, ADF monthly business meeting
Date: Tuesday, January 14th, 2003

Minutes taken by: Michael McClennen

Attending: Rob Henderson, Rodney Cox, Fred Paepke, Genevieve Stoyak, Michael McClennenen

1. Calendar

A few changes which the Scribe forgot to write down, but nothing major. See the Grove's web page for the updated calendar.

Firewatch for Spring Equinox will be held at Kami and Michael's house.

2. Officer reports:

a) Senior Druid

The Gwydion repayment is in the new ADF national budget! We might actually get a check for $1330 sometime soon. [Michael: Note, for those of you new to this saga: Gwydion has repaid some of the money he stole, but the part of it that is owed to us has not yet been paid to us by ADF national.] First priority for the use of this money is paying our debt to Emrich Center for last year's Lugh fest, and other debts outstanding. Rob suggested that we also buy a membership in 7 Generations.

b) Assistant Senior Druid

nothing to report

c) Administrator

nothing to report

d) Pursewarden

We're slightly better off financially than last month. Current cash on hand is $119.

e) Chronicler

The Yule newsletter was mailed, with a double calendar. As we decided last month, the newsletter will henceforward be published only 4 times per year.

3. Guilds

The local Naturalists' guild is now defunct due to lack of participation. The national Warrior's guild is currently having an election.

4. New business

a) ConVocation

Rob reported that we don't have enough money to rent a suite this year. Gen agreed to let the Grove use her room, as long as people are polite about it.

Gen asked for volunteers to man the Grove sales table. This is a fund-raiser for the Grove, so it's important! If necessary, we can sell out of Gen's room, but we won't get as much traffic as with a table in the Merchants' area.

What can we do to draw people to come to the room?

Free food works, but costs money. Having a room party in the middle of the day (rather than the evening) might work.

b) Lugnassadh fest

We have to scale this way back this year, because we lost so much money last year. Rod will try to reserve a field and pavilion at Gallup park, and we will hold a one-day event.

3) Fundraising

Michael proposed that we ask members for monthly pledges (those who feel comfortable giving them). Other kinds of fundraisers might not be worth our time, because of the small size of our community.

Gen reported that there are companies that enable churches and non-profit groups to accept direct deposits and donations through the web (in exchange for a cut, of course). She will look into this.

Michael made the following motion:

That it be henceforth Grove policy to ask for monthly pledges from Grove members who feel able to give such, and that this money will be put to use in (1) paying outstanding obligations of the Grove, and (2) in funding the monthly operation of the grove. Further, a budget will be prepared for each year by the pursewarden and distributed to the membership.

Motion passed unanimously.